Design Challenges

Even quickly making a Mark One HypaHelm in volume will require a herculean effort from an organisation with considerable design and manufacturing resources.

  1. Initial production of a Mark One HypaHelm by the end of June 2020. Running testing and necessary approvals in parallel.
  2. Developing an effective auto-off charging and decontamination chest. Testing at the end of June, production end of July.
  3. Developing an effective zone suit suitable for mass production.
  4. Developing an effective compatible decontamination Hotzone Decontamination Unit. Testing at the end of July, production end of July.
  5. Research and development of effective ‘Kill Zone’ for Mark Two HypaHelm.

There are clearly some considerable challenges here, but the engineering and production resources are available globally.

HypaHelm worn by a doctor PPE
Medic HypaHelm
Hotzone shower system
HDU system
HypaHelm box cleaning
Concept Clean-Charge-FilterEject Station.
Hands Free Opening and Removal from Head