An effective HypaHelm will form the core of a safe and effective integrated Hotzone system. If a Hotzone is properly safe for medics, cleaners, carers, etc, then it will also be safe for visitors to meet with their loved ones. The Hotzone system consists of:

  • A tough lightweight non-woven, moisture barrier, breathing single-use one-piece Zonesuit with one time seals. That’s literally one piece made single forming action.
  • The suits need to be properly sized and have neoprene ankle, and wrist seals. In very high-risk situations it may be necessary to have a positive pressure suit with a rip alarm. Normal lightweight clothes can be worn underneath.
  • A HypaHelm.
  • A Hotzone decontamination unit (HDU). It could be a shower but there are several dry or mist decontamination units under development which will be available shortly. The user enters the HDU with the suit and HypaHelm on. There is an initial decontamination and then the suit is cut off and placed in a night safe disposer. The user still in the normal clothes, then has a further decontamination, still with the HypaHelm on. The HypaHelm is then automatically removed and placed in the decontamination chest.