A UK based not-for-profit Foundation has been formed. It is and will remain independent of governments. The Foundation has the following objectives:

  • Catalyse the design of vastly improved medical and public protection by creating functional specifications, reference designs, design challenges and funding original research.
  • Be a repository of donated IP. Of course, companies and individuals can register and profit from IP as normal. However, they may want to donate IP to the Foundation. The Foundation may also generate its own IP, either internally or by funded research.
  • Establish standards, tests, certification.
  • Potentially to stock emergency supplies of equipment and to distribute it. For developed countries, this would be done on a commercial basis but for other countries, the foundation may bear the cost.
  • Ensure sufficient backup stocks are generally available in developing countries.
  • Facilitate communication between commercial, academic, and other interested parties.
  • Acting as a consultant/contractor when speed is critical.

Funding the Foundation

The Foundation must be independently funded to enable it to act quickly in the short term, as well as investing for the long term.

Watch this space.

Foundation Governance

Watch this space.