Conceptual Example of HypaHelm

Properly designed contemporary protective equipment, supplied in sufficient quantities, can provide an alternative way forward. It will save lives and facilitate rapid emergence from lockdown, irrespective of the timing of a vaccine.

Existing personal protection equipment is not fit for purpose, neither for medical use nor for the general public. If there had been effective equipment, a huge number of deaths particularly amongst medics, could have been avoided, along with the social and economic devastation of COVID-19.


After looking closely at masks and the controversy about wearing them, we initially planned to redesign them and manufacture more effective products. However, it immediately became clear that masks were only part of the problem and that the urgency and scale of the need was far beyond our resources,

Therefore, we have revised our approach. Our objective now is to be a catalyst for a much needed revolution in the design of protective equipment.


HypaHelm Clip On Fashion

Mass manufacturing of the HypaHelm system and related items will in itself have a positive economic impact. An automated factory could probably produce half a million a day at sub £15 per unit marginal cost.

Governments will decide, but it’s likely the use of HypaHelms by the public would be mandated in certain situations, such as public transport (including flights), shops, workplaces and so on, until a vaccine is widely available .

For eating and drinking establishments, there will have to be a combination of testing and individual certification for people to remove their HypaHelm.  This whole process could be managed and jointly funded by the hospitality industry and their customers.

When a vaccine is developed, the HypaHelms can be put on the shelf to be available for the next pandemic.


No one on the planet should have to breath air potentially loaded with lethal viruses.

Public Transport Example